18,000 people Have Completed the Covid Vaccination


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Some 18,000 people have already received a complete vaccination against Covid in Lanzarote, according to the insular director of the Health Area, Noelia Umpiérrez.

As explained on Radio Lanzarote-Onda Cero, both those over 80 and large dependents who are in homes are "completely vaccinated. " There may be a case that remains unvaccinated due to any circumstance, like illness , but this group have been vaccinated ",

Also the incidence of infections in people over 80 years of age "is practically nil in recent days."

People aged 70-79 years, some of whom have already received the second dose, are now being vaccinated with Pfizer, as well as the 60-65 age group, who are receiving the first dose of AstraZeneca , after the administration with this vaccine was resumed.

"We calculate that over the next week we will also finish with this group and we will start with other groups such as risk groups and we will also resume the groups that were pending after the suspension with AstraZeneca", has pointed out the director of the Health Area of Lanzarote.

Thus, he affirmed that after Easter the vaccination of teachers on the island will resume. "In theory, on Monday we will get 5,000 doses of AstraZeneca and we will be able to resume those groups that were left pending, which were those of Primary and Secondary," he specified.

Regarding the vaccination of people between 65 to 70 years, it will begin when the group of 70 to 79 is finished, since they have to be vaccinated with Pfizer.

"About 1,400 doses" are being administered daily

There could be put more if more vaccines arrive, "I estimate that between 1,500 and 1,800 could be administered. "The only safe measure to get out of this pandemic is vaccination, " said Umpiérrez, although he assured that at the moment there are no cases of people who are refusing to be vaccinated.

"The truth is that in Lanzarote we have been lucky, because we have not had that bad feeling in the people we call to vaccinate," said the director of the Health Area, who explained that if someone has doubts "they are resolved" or Refer to your GP if it is because you are "taking any medication."