300,000 People Are Confined Again


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Health authorities are striving for early detection to prevent a second wave of Covid-19 infections.

The confinement is over but it could return, and with worse consequences are for sure, should the outbreaks due to the coronavirus spread, to the point of causing a second great wave of infections and deaths. This scenario is the worst nightmare. The problem is that it is very real. There have already been significant outbreaks of regrowth in other countries such as China, South Korea or Germany. America, by contrast, has become the epicenter of the disease.

One of these outbreaks in Spain already affected more than a hundred people in one outbreak in a Red Cross reception centre in Malaga on June 23rd. These places of social assistance are some of the points considered critical, along with agricultural areas where seasonal workers work, airports and, above all, nursing homes, where the Covid-19 has claimed thousands of lives since February.

Some areas have already had to backtrack in the de-escalation, such as the Cinca Medio, Bajo Cinca and La Litera regions, in Huesca, Bajo Aragón-Caspe, in Zaragoza, and El Segrià, where the capital of the province of Lleida. The last area to join is that of A Mariña, in Lugo, confined at least until Friday, July 10th.

Health authorities strive to detect new cases and isolate them. The objective is to prevent the virus from freely circulating in Spain again. For now, the WHO has publicly congratulated the work done in this regard, but there are still months of surveillance. What is noticed is that the main responsibility is a personal one.Each individual has a conscience so as not to infect family and friends and could cause death.

Until there is a vaccine or an effective treatment, the masks will be present in the daily life of each one. After the initial hesitations, the Government made it compulsory to carry them in closed spaces. But, by themselves, the masks cannot avoid contagion in case of misuse or not respect some precautionary measures.

Since February, Covid-19 has been responsible for at least more than 28,000 deaths in Spain and could cause many more, because the pandemic is still particularly active on the American continent. The coronavirus spreads in this region of the world and from there it could return to Europe if the health authorities and every citizen lower their guard. Imported cases are, in fact, the other big concern to avoid a second big wave of the disease.