A Bather Drowns on Órzola Beach


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A 47-year-old tourist of Polish nationality drowned this Sunday on Órzola beach and the woman who accompanied him was able to be rescued unharmed by some surfers from the area, as reported by the Emergency Consortium.

The event took place around 2:50 p.m. when several calls alerted CECOES that a person was in trouble 50 metres from the coast. The GES rescue helicopter, two ambulances, one medicalized and another basic life support, Local Police and the Civil Guard travelled to the beach.

The affected person was accompanied by a woman who was rescued, without injuries, by some surfers in the area, while he, at the time of his rescue, was in cardiorespiratory arrest.

The SUC personnel carried out basic and advanced resuscitation maneuvers without success.

The police services have carried out the corresponding proceedings.