A Boat Arrives at Charco del Palo


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A patera has arrived at Charco del Palo on the morning of this Sunday. Apparently 11 people came on the boat, all males of Maghreb origin, three of them report being minors. They have declared to have left Agadir eight days ago.

Several patrols of the Civil Guard, agents of the Local Police, Red Cross, Civil Protection and the SUC have travelled to the place.

The boat has reached a rocky area that is difficult to access. Eight of the immigrants have been able to ascend to the place where the ambulances are by their own means, two of them have been transferred on a stretcher. These two people have been taken to Molina Orosa.

Finally, the last of the immigrants who was in the area closest to the water had to be rescued by firefighters who took him to one of the ambulances.

Four people in total have been admitted to the Molina Orosa hospital with different conditions.