A Charge for Accessing The Pier in Front of Hotel Fariones ?


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Juan Francisco Rosa intends to charge for access to the pier in front of the Hotel Fariones, according to a sign that has been placed on the footbridge that the businessman has built on the coast, this coastal strip was once occupied by the hotel. One of the stretches of this walkway connects Playa Chica with the beach that had remained within the hotel facilities - which can already be freely accessed there -, and the other connects the cove and Playa Grande. The second section is the one that also leads to the pier, to which Rosa now wants to give private use.

The sign indicates that the access to the pier will be from 09:00 to 17:00 from November to February and from 09:00 to 19:00 from March to October, upon payment of 10 euros at the reception of the hotel. "I have to see the documentation," said the mayor of Tías, and said "everything indicates that Costas extended the concession" on the pier, has buthe does not know whether it allows Juan Francisco Rosa to charge for the access to it.