A Missing Scottish Tourist in Lanzarote has Died


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Scotsman Robert Campbell , known as Rab , has been found dead , missing for a week while on holiday in Lanzarote .

According to the Anglo-Saxon Daily Record , Campbell was scheduled to take a flight back to Scotland on May 11th, along with a friend, "but he fell ill and had to be taken to hospital from the airport,"

"Destroyed to hear what happened to my uncle Robert Campbell, who was missing in Lanzarote and found dead. His first vacation and he has not returned. He flies high," his niece shared in a Facebook post.

Not knowing anything about him, two people from his family travelled to Lanzarote on May 16th to try to locate him. Before arriving on the island, they published the photograph of him on different social media platforms. Among them, the Spain Missing Persons page .

"Robert is vulnerable and lost in a foreign country, on his first trip out of Scotland, so he's probably not sure what he needs to do to get back home," another user of the platform recounted.

Rab was enjoying his first vacation abroad, when he got separated from his friend at the airport.

After confirming his death, his sister Margueritte Devine has launched a micro-financing campaign to raise 6,000 pounds to bring his body to Scotland.