A Track and Trace System That Does Work!


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The tracking team of the Lanzarote Health Services Management detected during the month of January the origin of 84.6% of the COVID-19 infections that have occurred on the island . "It is one of the best traceability data achieved and it occurs in the worst month of the pandemic which has the highest number of cases registered," says the Ministry of Health.

According to the Report on the epidemiological indicators of COVID-19 in the Canary Islands, Lanzarote is the island where the highest number of cases is associated with an outbreak, followed by Gran Canaria with 74.4% and Fuerteventura with 73.7%. "Far from being an exception, the data from all the islands place the Canary Islands as the Autonomous Community with the highest traceability in the country ", says the Ministry, recalling that a high percentage of these indicators implies that the tracking teams " identify the transmission chains so the pandemic can be better controlled. "

A total of 36 people currently make up the tracking team of the Lanzarote Health Services Management: 18 nurses, 9 physiotherapists and 9 Aviation soldiers who have been trained to carry out monitoring tasks during the pandemic caused by the coronavirus. The number of team members changes depending on the epidemiological outbreak and the number of cases caused by each wave of the coronavirus.