A Warning About Refusal To Wear a Face Mask on Flight

Canary Islands

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The crew asked him "repeatedly", but continued to refuse to comply with this mandatory measure against the coronavirus.

A flight by the airline company Air Europa en route between Gran Canaria and Madrid had to be diverted to Malaga airport on Thursday afternoon after a passenger refused to wear the mask during the trip, which is mandatory throughout journey through the coronavirus crisis.

The flight that was supposed to arrive in Madrid around 9:00 p.m., had to delay its arrival after having to divert to Malaga airport, since the aforementioned passenger, being required on "repeated occasions" by the crew to put on the On-board mask, which is mandatory, refused, sources from Air Europa have confirmed.

This refusal caused the crew to activate the relevant protocol, diverting to the nearest airport, and once in Malaga it was Civil Guard agents who took care of the passenger, while the aircraft with the rest of the travellers headed for their destination, Madrid.