Aldi Opening in Playa Blanca


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The Yaiza City Council approved this Thursday the detailed study for the unification of two plots located in the urban area of Costa Papagayo , proposed by Aldi Canarias , with a view to the implementation of a supermarket in Playa Blanca.

In the words of the mayor, Óscar Noda, “it is good news for consumers, because there will be greater price competition in the food sector and other essential products, and because in addition, the store construction project, compared to The Marcastell urbanization will regenerate a large area that is now disused .”

Aldi Canarias promotes the grouping of two plots totaling 23,000 square meters , with a buildable area of 2,000 square meters. The City Council views this business initiative as favorable in accordance with the urban planning of the General Plan of Yaiza.

The initial approval of the detailed study will now undergo the mandatory public information process for one month, it will return to the Plenary for final approval and the promoter will be able to process the project license.

In this sense, the mayor emphasizes that "the unification of two plots into one does not imply the modification of the classification or the urban use of the land, nor the increase in buildability, nor does it reduce or negatively affect the functionality of public facilities."

This project for the Aldi store, on Avenida Salida a Femés, is added to that of the Lidl supermarket, which is currently being developed in the industrial zone of Playa Blanca.