Alleged Animal Abuse in Tinajo


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Ademal has reported two new cases of alleged animal abuse and improper possession of animals in the municipality of Tinajo.

One of them refers to the situation in which a donkey is tied to a vehicle. "There is no protection from the sun, there is no water," they criticize from the group, who add that the animal is among old cars and junk, an image that is visible from the road.

The other complaint corresponds to Tinguatón. "It is incredible how terribly these animals are kept there," they lament from the animal association. "Chained dogs, in their own feces, urinating in fear, there is no water or protection against climatic conditions, such as the sun or precipitation," they criticize. And in the same situation are pigeons and rabbits on their own droppings, they add.

"When will it finally be understood that there is an animal protection law in force since 1991?" Ademal asks. "In both cases we expect a solution soon and ask the authorities responsible for animal welfare to take action."


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