Arrecife Opens Shelter for Homeless


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The Cabildo, in collaboration with the Security and Emergencies Consortium, and the Arrecife City Council have set up a shelter at the Insular Sports City Ground so that 'homeless' people can go to sleep and confine themselves in this space, without having to see each other when forced to remain on the street.

The facility, which will be available to those who need it is starting tonight and has a total of 50 beds that can be expanded depending on future needs.

The president of the Cabildo, María Dolores Corujo, has highlighted the importance of having this resource in the face of this health emergency situation.

"We cannot ask the population to seclude themselves in their homes and, meanwhile, look the other way, pretending to ignore the harsh reality that people live with us in utter helplessness, without a roof under which to retreat and without minors personal care measures at your fingertips.

The Minister of Security and Emergencies, Francisco Javier Aparicio, has reported on the services available to people hosted in these facilities.

"We have taken the necessary measures so that they have the three essential meals a day but, in addition, we have created a coordination plan with the social welfare services that will allow us to take advantage of contacts that will occur during these days to bring them the services of the Cabildo. Likewise, an ambulance will be available in case transfers should be necessary, "said the counsellor.

The president concluded by pointing out the importance of publicising this new plan among NGOs, the social services of the municipalities and their local police.

"In order for this new effort by the Cabildo to bear fruit, it is essential that all councils commit to getting their users to come. On many occasions, the level of vulnerability and cognitive deterioration of the homeless makes them unable to approach the councils and requires more effort on our part. "

In addition, it must be remembered that the City Council has now activated an Aid Plan to guarantee the food to the homeless, and the most vulnerable.

The distribution of daily menus has already started, with the support of the NGO Emerlan, which distributes food every day.