Arrecife Plans to Create a 24 Hour Taxi Service


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The Arrecife City Council has reported that it will guarantee rotating shifts 24 hours a day for public taxis throughout the city. This is what he stated in a press release in the town hall. The municipal body will ensure the permanent presence of these vehicles throughout the city, and especially when cruise ships arrive.

These measures, which will come into force in the coming weeks, have already been transferred to the taxi sector.

The mayor of the city Yonathan de León, and the councilor for Mobility and Transport, Mario González Altube, had a first contact last summer with the auto taxi and auto tourism cooperative society of Lanzarote and San Marcial, to adopt measures that reinforce better taxi transport service in the city.

The mayor had announced in different interviews with the media that, with the beginning of this new year, the City Council would apply measures to avoid the situations that occur in the city when several cruise ships arrive simultaneously, or that people with reduced mobility did not have adapted taxis at night or on weekends.

In recent meetings, to outline the new regulation of these services, municipal officials advanced to the taxi collective in the capital that the Arrecife City Council would arbitrate this shift formula to guarantee the presence of auto taxis 24 hours a day, and In particular, regulate services at the cruise pier , when ocean liners arrive, to protect local residents and their mobility needs.

The Councilor for Transport and Mobility, Mario González Altube, has reported that “there will be two different shifts, a rotating shift on the days when there are cruises, which will last 24 hours and will bring together a certain number of licenses serving cruises and another specific one at the stops. of the neighborhoods and the city center, to guarantee public taxi service to resident citizens. These shifts will be rotating each day, according to the licenses assigned to the cruise ship dock and those that must cover the city, so that there is an equitable distribution.

When there are no cruises, the Arrecife City Council will apply, as reported by the councillor, a normal shift that is distributed in morning, afternoon, night (with asymmetric percentages according to the license number) with the obligation that night shifts work At least, a high percentage that covers the needs of citizens at these times is mandatory. The Transport and Mobility Area already has the criteria for them to be Rotarians, which has been transferred to the sector in these recent meetings.

The Arrecife City Council, as part of the measures to improve the auto taxi service in the capital of Lanzarote, will urge that the T3 rate be established.

Mario González Altube has explained that, for better planning of the taxi service in the municipality , and on the island as a whole, the capital City Council is in favor of insularizing the system of exams and calls to seek linearity and equity on the island , which allows for more professionals to work in the taxi sector. Until now, the exams are by municipality to obtain the license that enables taxi driving in a specific municipality. Arrecife, since last summer, has made two space calls.

Among the measures, which would also improve the public taxi service, would be the creation of a single taxi center to receive calls and manage specific moments such as saturation in ports and airports, or exceptional events that concentrate a large influx of people.

The technology allows us to know in real time the location of the vehicle and license in a certain area.