Arrecife Police Officers Beat Two People Who Were Recording an Arrest


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Several videos of a violent arrest by two agents of the Arrecife Local Police have gone viral this Sunday. In the images, a man is initially seen detained and immobilized on the ground, while another couple watches right next to them and records what is happening with a mobile.

At that moment, one of the policemen goes to the woman and throws her mobile on the ground with a strong slap. The man who was with her then faces the agent, approaching him and raising his hands, to which the policeman responds by hitting him repeatedly. He even comes to chase him down the street until he ends up throwing him to the ground.

The woman, who until then was observing the scene shouting and trying to alert the neighbours, approaches the agent and tries to hit him, also falling to the ground, where the agent pushes her twice.

Meanwhile, the second policeman enters the scene, who was with the first detainee already handcuffed. There he goes to the man, who had already gotten up, and gives him a strong punch that knocks him back to the ground, leaving him apparently unconscious.

In another of the videos, neighbours are heard shouting, first with expressions of concern about the violence in the scene and then with shouts such as "abuse of power" and "abuser", to the agents.