Arrested for Swindling 150,000 euros in Lanzarote


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National Police agents have arrested a 57-year-old man in Madrid , with a history of similar acts, for defrauding 150,000 euros from a foreign citizen, who had been the victim of a scam when trying to acquire a property in Lanzarote. The agents began an investigation last June, after the complaint filed by the victim.

The investigation was able to verify that the alleged perpetrator had managed to obtain a web domain very similar to that of the real estate company, with which the victim had maintained contact to make the purchase. This technique, called cybersquatting , consists of illicitly taking advantage of the trademarks or services of others, occupying a domain practically equal to that of the requested service, modifying, for example, a letter, which leads to confusion among potential victims.

The arrested person had a total of 76,000 euros seized in one of his checking accounts and seven other bank accounts, which were under his ownership, were judicially blocked. In addition, a motorhome was seized, which he had purchased with part of the swindled money, a total of 64,000 euros, which he had put in the name of a front man so as not to be located.

The alleged perpetrator of the events was located in Madrid, he was moving through various areas of the peninsula in the motorhome, in which, with prior judicial authorization, the entry and registration procedure was carried out. As a result of said entry and search, several mobile phone terminals , a pen drive and various documentation were seized , with relevant information to clarify the facts investigated.

After the procedures carried out, the person under investigation was arrested as the alleged perpetrator of the crimes of fraud and money laundering , with a total of 8,960 euros in cash being confiscated at the time of arrest . The investigation remains open, and it is not ruled out that more victims and more detainees may appear.

The detainee, who also had a current summons issued by an Investigating Court of Murcia, was placed at the disposal of the competent Judicial Authority.