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Crosswords / Guardian Crossword - 5 days ago

Observer sudoku

Click here to access the print version.Fill the grid using the numbers 1 to 9. Each number must appear just once in every row, column and 3x3 box. Continue reading...

Crosswords / Guardian Crossword - 5 days ago

Observer killer sudoku

Click here to access the print version. Normal Sudoku rules apply, except the numbers in the cells contained within grey lines add up to the figures in the corner. No number can be repeated within each shape formed by grey lines. Continue reading...

Articles / Culture - 5 days ago

On my radar: Fiona Shaw’s cultural highlights

The award-winning actor on the genius of Fritz Lang, the human cost of Homer’s Iliad and where to find the best live music in IrelandBorn in County Cork, Ireland, in 1958, Fiona Shaw studied philosophy at University College Cork before training at Rada. Her stage roles have ranged from Sophocles to...

Articles / Culture - 5 days ago

Charlatan review – inside the mind of a prickly mystic

Agnieszka Holland’s austere drama about a famous Czech healer sets his internal conflict against the turbulence of eastern EuropeA local legend in the mid-20th century Czech Republic who scrutinised the urine of his clients and made diagnoses based on a blend of science and mysticism, Jan Mikolášek...

Spain / Mainland - 5 days ago

Five Towns Reprieved

In an article yesterday we explained that six municipalities were over 1,000 and might be closed, four of which might not... well, five have been left open.

Articles / Culture - 5 days ago

St Vincent: Daddy’s Home review – a compelling family affair

(Caroline/Loma Vista)Channelling 70s New York funk and her father’s release from prison, the ever brilliant Annie Clark loosens up on her engagingly soulful sixth albumAnnie “St Vincent” Clark may exaggerate the detail, tell oblique stories or get a little carried away in the dressing-up box, but he...

Articles / Culture - 5 days ago

Tennis Elbow review – a nonstop rally of jokes

Pitlochry Festival theatre, onlineJohn Byrne revisits the terrain of his 1977 hit spoof Writer’s Cramp to follow the fortunes of artist Pamela Crichton Capers in this dizzy audio dramaPell-mell, helter skelter, the joshing wordplay rains down. No chance for parody is resisted, no phrase left unturne...

Articles / Culture - 5 days ago

Leonardo da Vinci bear drawing expected to fetch £12m at auction

Head of a Bear is to be sold in London in July by Christie’s auction houseA drawing of a bear by Leonardo da Vinci is expected to fetch up to £12m at auction.The picture, titled Head of a Bear, is being sold in London by Christie’s. It will go on display in New York and Hong Kong before being auctio...

Articles / Culture - 5 days ago

BBC Young Musician 2020 final review – a golden year

Available onlinePercussionist Fang Zhang triumphed with an exhilarating marimba rhapsody in an evening of dazzling performances by three teen virtuososWhether you attribute the mood of heightened emotion to the effects of lockdown, or to the exceptional quality of the playing, the 2020 BBC Young Mus...