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Articles / Culture - 5 days ago

Antony Sher on acting: ‘You have simply got to be honest’

Antony Sher was not only a superb performer but also an insightful observer on the craft of acting and the theatre – as shown in these extractsAntony Sher, celebrated actor, dies aged 72Consummate Shakespearean and a man of staggering versatilityWhat have I sacrificed for my art? Peace of mind. All...

Articles / Culture - 5 days ago

The Wife to Touching the Void: the seven best films to watch on TV

Glenn Close is mesmerising as a betrayed and undermined spouse, while Joe Simpson recounts his tale of extreme survival in the Peruvian AndesWhen Glenn Close was nominated a seventh time for an Oscar for this 2017 drama, many thought this would be the one for the win. Sadly it wasn’t to be, but Björ...

Articles / Culture - 6 days ago

The best food books of 2021

From Stanley Tucci’s Italian feasts and Yotam Ottolenghi’s sweet-and-sour plums, to Anja Dunk’s wonderful German bakes – this year’s most mouth-watering titlesMy favourite cookbooks look like DayGlo hedgehogs – bristling with Post-it notes next to all the recipes I want to try. One of the most neon-...