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Articles / Culture - 6 days ago

Noel Clarke accused of sexual harassment on Doctor Who set

Exclusive: BBC faces questions as further allegations made about Clarke – and co-star John Barrowman is accused of exposing himself The Noel Clarke sexual harassment controversy threatens to embroil the BBC after several sources came forward to allege they were sexually harassed or inappropriately t...

Articles / Culture - 6 days ago

Snow White’s kiss is far from the dodgiest Disney moment

From Peter Pan to The Aristocats, much of Disney’s back catalogue features potentially offensive stereotypesWhen is a kiss not just a kiss, but something more sinister? Most would agree that consent – and certainly the involvement of Donald Trump – should play a major role in such a discussion, but...

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First Case of the Indian Strain in the Canary Islands

The Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands has reported the result of the sequencing of the sample taken from the sailor who is admitted to the Doctor Negrín University Hospital of Gran Canaria , confirming that it is a case of the so-called Indian strain. Specifically, th...

Articles / Culture - 6 days ago

Catherine de’ Medici 1561 portrait to return to London mansion

Painting has been acquired for nation and will be reinstalled at Strawberry Hill House in TwickenhamA monumental portrait of Catherine de’ Medici, one of the most powerful women in 16th-century Europe, will return to Strawberry Hill House in Twickenham after it was acquired for the nation in lieu of...

Spain / Mainland - 6 days ago

Open Until Midnight

The Junta PM, Sr. Moreno, has announced the new restrictions that will be in force once the Estado de Alarma expires this Sunday.

Spain / Mainland - 6 days ago

Post-9th Lockdowns

With the new system coming into effect on Sunday the 9th whereby the 500 per 100k category disappears, only six town will remain closed from Sunday.