British Patient Patricia Leaves the ICU After Three and a Half Months


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On January 6th, Patricia received the worst gift from Reyes. At the age of 66, she had to be admitted to the ICU of the Molina Orosa Hospital, with very serious symptoms from Covid-19. Since then, three and a half months have passed and she has become the patient who has been admitted the longest in Lanzarote during the third wave , but this Wednesday the real gift arrived.

"Here we go," her husband is heard saying in English, in the video that has been recorded with her departure from ICU. Now, this British woman will continue her recovery on the ward, but the worst is over. And her discharge from the ICU created applause in the hospital corridors and the excitement to the staff. Those that were frequent during the first wave, but that now have not been seen in a video for a long time.

In total, it has been 105 days that he has spent fighting the disease. And although she still cannot return home, the main step has already been taken.

With the departure of Patricia from the ICU, there are now three people in Intensive Care in Lanzarote,