British Tourism to Lanzarote Increased by 200,000 People Last Year


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Lanzarote received 2.6 million foreign tourists last year , 300,000 more people than the previous year. Two thirds of the increase was due to the growth in the number of travelers from the United Kingdom .

In 2023 , one and a half million British tourists arrived , 196,635 people more than the previous year, according to the Lanzarote Data Center.

The economic stagnation of the United Kingdom does not discourage Britons from travelling and Lanzarote is one of their favourite places to do so. This market is already equivalent to 56.4% of foreign tourism in Lanzarote.

Meanwhile, Ireland consolidates its overtake of Germany when it comes to tourists in Lanzarote. In 2023, 327,655 Irish arrived on the island , 54,000 more than the previous year.

Tourism from Germany also increased in 2023, although much less. Nearly 25,000 more Germans arrived than the previous year, for a total of 267,279 tourists.

In fact, French tourism increased more than German tourism, in 2023 27,000 more French people arrived than the previous year, up to 198,447 travelers . A considerable increase, but one that is eclipsed by the British numbers, whose growth in travelers equals the total number of French travelers.

The fifth foreign market is Italy , which was close to reaching 100,000 travelers in 2023, although its growth is slowing compared to previous years.