British Tourists Arrested for Counterfeiting


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The Yaiza Civil Guard has arrested two tourists as alleged perpetrators of a crime of counterfeiting currency , by possessing various fake bills and using them to make payments at a hotel.

Those investigated, a 27-year-old woman and a 30-year-old man of English nationality, were arrested on May 26 for counterfeiting up to 51 10-euro bills, with a total nominal value of 510 euros.

Both introduced the counterfeit money from their country of origin and issued it with knowledge of its falsity, so now they could face prison sentences of between eight to twelve years and a fine of ten times the face value of the counterfeit money seized.

The Benemérita agents began their investigation after being alerted by agents in the area, upon learning that two British tourists had made cash payments at a hotel in Playa Blanca with four false 10-euro bills. Therefore, they began the first inquiries based on the testimony of the witnesses.

Through a series of frames, the agents were able to verify that the tickets were being "cast" by two tourists of British origin who were staying in the same hotel complex.

The Arrecife Guard Investigating Court immediately granted them authorization to enter and search the occupied room , thus intercepting more counterfeit 10-euro bills, amounting to a total of 51.

Once the registration was completed, the Civil Guard proceeded to arrest both people, who will be made available to the Arrecife Guard Court of Instruction together with the seized banknotes.