British Woman Dies After Being Recovered From Lanzarote Hotel Pool


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The 58-year-old woman was pulled out of the pool and revived at the scene by a lifeguard and emergency responders before she was taken to Doctor Jose Molina Hospital on Thursday

Police announced her death was Saturday.

A routine investigation into her death, coordinated by a local court is now underway.

The dead woman is understood to have been staying at the four-star HL Rio Play hotel in Playa Blanca with her partner when the tragedy happened.

There were conflicting reports about her age, as she was initially said to have been aged 35 in a statement put out by an emergency response coordination centre .

However police sources say she was 58.

One well-placed source said: “It all happened so quickly. The lifeguard pulled her out of the water and stabilised her with CPR but sadly she died shortly after arriving at hospital.”

Health sources confirmed she had died in A&E at Doctor Jose Molina Hospital.

A Civil Guard source also confirmed the British woman’s death, adding: “A routine investigation is underway but there is nothing pointing to any criminality in what happened.

“The investigating court will be sent the post mortem results and will instruct police to carry out any further inquiries if it is deemed appropriate.