Buses Will Continue to be Free in 2024


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The central government coalition has agreed to an extension of public transport bonuses for the entire population and not only for minors, young people and the unemployed .

In the new package of measures to combat the effects of inflation, the energy crisis and the war in Ukraine that the Council of Ministers approves this Wednesday, transport aid will be extended to all groups , instead of only targeting minors. , young and unemployed as originally intended.

The Executive included 1,440 million euros in its 2024 budget plan to subsidize public transport, including free trains and buses and aid to the autonomous communities for discounts on transport under regional jurisdiction.

The president of the Canary Islands himself, Fernando Clavijo, announced a few days ago: “ free transport has to be guaranteed, especially when the impact it has had has not only increased the use” of this public transport by 40%, “but has allowed remove private vehicles or transfers by private vehicle,” he stated.