Canarian Hotels Will No Longer Require The Covid Certificate or a Test

Canary Islands

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It will no longer be necessary to prove that you are free of covid when staying in a lodging establishment in the Canary Islands. This was agreed yesterday by the Minister of Tourism, Yaiza Castilla, with the representatives of the four tourist employers of the islands. Already last week, nationals who enter the archipelago stopped being asked for the vaccination certificate or, failing that, an antigen test, and this is one more step to facilitate mobility now that infections have been reduced and vaccination has advanced.

After the meeting and the agreement reached yesterday, the Ministry will start the process for the repeal of the decree law of extraordinary measures in tourism to face the effects of the health and economic crisis produced by the Covid-19 pandemic, a legal text that establishes that to access the tourist accommodation establishments of the Islands it is necessary to prove that they are free from Covid 19, either with a diagnostic test, with the certificate of vaccination or having passed the disease or with a responsible statement of not having left the islands in the 15 days prior to staying, in the case of Canarian residents.

n the proposal, Yaiza Castilla and the four employer representatives (Susana Pérez, from the Lanzarote FTL Tourist Federation and Asolán; Antonio Hormiga, from the Fuerteventura Tourism Business Association (Asofuer); Jorge Marichal, from the Hotel and Extra-hotel Association of Tenerife, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro (Ashotel); and José María Mañaricúa, from the Federation of Hospitality and Tourism Entrepreneurs of Las Palmas (FEHT)) have agreed that the advance of vaccination in Europe and the Canary Islands, as well as the existence of a procedure for the control of foreign travellers at airports against the pandemic and for which, likewise, a vaccination certificate or a covid diagnostic test with a negative result is required. It makes it necessary to eliminate the existing double control (airport and accommodation) and to relax the measures that were established in the Canarian tourist accommodation establishments as protection against the disease and as a measure to help strengthen the image of the Canary Islands as a tourist destination.