Canary Islands Will Begin the Second Dose of the Vaccines on Sunday

Canary Islands

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The President of the Government of the Canary Islands reported this Friday at a press conference that the vaccination plan will end yesterday to begin administering the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine, whose administration began on December 27th .

He highlighted that by Sunday the Canary Islands expect to have administered one hundred percent of the first 44,040 doses received to continue on Monday with the second injection necessary to achieve immunity against the virus.

The Canary Islands vaccination plan meets the objectives that have been set, according to Torres, who has indicated that by yesterday it is possible that 40,000 administered vaccines will be reached.

This Sunday it is expected to conclude with the work begun in the residences for the elderly and the disabled, as well as with the personnel who attend them, which will add 17,000 vaccinated.

As for the health personnel of the Canary Islands Health Service, until Thursday night the vaccine had been supplied to 18,071 workers, added Torres, who has recognized the effort made by health personnel in the development of the campaign.