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by Buzzers - 4 years ago

Tragedy Avoided on the Coast of Moya, Gran Canaria

The two occupants who were travelling in the plane landed in the sea this Sunday in the town of El Altillo, in the municipality of Moya, Gran Canaria. They were unharmed and able to reach the coast by themselves. The pilot's expertise was key to prev...

by Buzzers - 4 years ago

Anti-Drug Operation with Police Officers Among Detainees

The Udyco of the National Police, the Eco of the Civil Guard and the Customs Surveillance Agency jointly carried out this Thursday a macro anti-drug operation in different parts of the island of Gran Canaria. The detainees could include National Poli...

by Buzzers - 4 years ago

First Cardiac Transplant in The Canary Islands

Dr. Negrín Hospital carried out the heart transplant for a 63-year-old man on Wednesday using a healthy and compatible organ from a local donor. The operation at the hospital lasted 4 hours. Dr. Negrín will be in the history books of Gran Canaria as...