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by Buzzers - 2 days ago

Bells & Clappers

Salobreñeros have a reputation for being decent folk, certainly speaking from personal experience, but they can get upset when somebody or something spoils their efforts.

by Buzzers - 2 days ago

Pups in the Park

The municipal police in Motril received a call to say that a cardboard box containing puppies had been found in one of the parks.

by Buzzers - 3 days ago

Lock Down Extended

The Government has decided to extend the Lock Down two more weeks, bringing the end - unless extended again - until the 26th of April.

by Buzzers - 3 days ago

Best but Wasted Snowfall

Just about every business was hit for six by the lock down but for some the consequences are longer lasting: the Sierra Nevada ski station, for instance.

by Buzzers - 3 days ago

Motril’s Standby Fire Station

The Motril fire service already has an alternative fire station prepared in case it were necessary to leave the actual installations should it require fumigating.

by Buzzers - 3 days ago

Motril Public Transport Info

Public transport in Motril has been reduced to a minimum, more or less equal to weekends in frequency. This measure will remain in force until the 9th of April.

by Buzzers - 4 days ago

Reader Asks: Why Against Golf?

I have a question for all you who are opposing the land development. Is it the development or the possibility of you losing your land that is your main focus?

by Buzzers - 4 days ago

Market Demolition Begins

Probably one of the most controversial actions carried out by the Mayor of Almuñécar, Trinidad Herrera, is taking place: the demolition of the municipal market.

by Buzzers - 4 days ago

Hospital Worker Found

A medical worker at Hospital San Agustín, who had been missing from work for several days, was found at home, lying on the floor and suffering from dehydration.

by Buzzers - 4 days ago

Fake Traffic Control

The Guardia Civil nobbled a man, dressed in a soldier's uniform, who was stopping traffic in Padul Monday night as if it were an official traffic-control point.

by Buzzers - 2 months ago

Ibiza and Magaluf Crack Down with New Booze Laws

Party-goers and bars in three of Spain's top tourist hotspots could face fines of up to £510,000 after authorities introduced new laws to crack down on binge-drinking. The Balearic Islands' officials say it is the first law of its kind in Europe a...

by Buzzers - 4 months ago

Tesco Comes To Mainland Spain

The new Food Co. store in the Puerto de Mazarrón opened on Tuesday 5th November at 11:00 as promised, the aisles absolutely packed with shoppers who had come along to see whether the promise of Tesco branded products would happen.Few could be disappo...