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by Buzzers - 3 days ago

Nerja Mayor Faces Reckoning

The Public Prosecutor for the law suit over Nerja's illegal dump has recommended that the Mayor of Nerja be banned from office if found guilty.

by Buzzers - 4 days ago

Almuñécar’s Outlet Fair

The Asociación del Centro Comercial Abierto Sexitano will be holding its I Feria Outlet in Almuñécar from the 28th of this month through to the 1st of March.

by Buzzers - 4 days ago

Two Fires within 24 Hours

The Almuñécar fire service had to deal with two fires in the space of just 24 hours; one in Almuñécar and the other in La Herradura.

by Buzzers - 5 days ago

Fireball Lights up The Sky

Early Sunday morning, just after midnight, saw a large fireball enter the Earth's atmosphere, which momentarily lit up the sky.

by Buzzers - 5 days ago

Frenchwoman Hits Pedestrian

A French driver knocked over a pedestrian of the same nationality in Torre del Mar on Saturday evening. According to the police, when breathalysed she was over the limit.

by Buzzers - 6 days ago

Benny Vs. Trini over 7 Star

Ex-Mayor, Juan Carlos Benavides accuses the present Mayor, Trinidad Herrera, of letting Almuñécar's top hotel project slip through her fingers; i.e. the 7-star hotel.

by Buzzers - 6 days ago

Reprieve Suspended?

It is calculated that there are some 300,000 illegal dwellings in Andalucía, 50,000 of which are in Málaga with 20,000 of those in the Axarquía area.

by Buzzers - 1 week ago

Windsurfer Rescued

The maritime branch of the Guardia Civil rescued a young man on a surfboard off the coast of Torrenueva yesterday.

by Buzzers - 1 week ago

Motril Obtains Tasers Too

Following Salobreña's lead, it seems, the Policía Local in Motril will be getting three taser guns as non-lethal weapons, costing between €1,000 & €1,500 each

by Buzzers - 1 week ago

Daughter Dies Seeing Dad Dead

A double death occurred in Motril on Monday night when the sight of her dead father gave a woman a heart attack and she died.

by Buzzers - 2 weeks ago

Houses But No Seven Star

The projected 7-star hotel in Almuñécar was a ‘dream too far;’ a vote catcher and, in the end, an abandoned worksite... until now, at least.

by Buzzers - 2 weeks ago

New Local Diabetes Treatment

The area hospital in Motril now has an endocrine specialist, which is good news for diabetics who will no longer have to go up to Granada to see one.

by Buzzers - 2 weeks ago

Fishing Boat Rescue

A helicopter from the Salvamento Marítimo rescued three crew members from a fishing boat that had run aground off the Costa Tropical between Melicena and La Rábita.