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by Buzzers - 3 days ago

The best places in Spain to see the autumn leaves

It's not just New England in the US or Canada where going to see the fall foliage is popular in autumn. There are plenty of places in Spain, from national parks and ancient forests to even volcanoes, where leaf peeping is very rewarding....

by Buzzers - 3 days ago

The unwritten rules of partying with Spaniards

Spaniards of all ages love to go out and enjoy drinking, chatting and dancing with friends and family. However, things are done differently here to what you'd expect from a night out in other parts of Europe or the world.

by Buzzers - 5 days ago

Teen stabs five at school in southern Spain

A 14-year-old, described by fellow pupils as hot-headed, on Thursday stabbed three teachers and two students in a school in the southern Spanish city of Jerez before being overpowered, police said.