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by Buzzers - 1 day ago

Severe Weather Alerts All Over Spain

Alerts for bad weather have been issued by Aemet on Thursday in 37 of Spain’s 50 provinces as the effects of Storms Bernardo and Cecilia spread across the Iberian Peninsula, with the severest warnings being for snowfalls of 40 centimetres in the moun...

by Buzzers - 2 days ago

Access Ramp Needed

A middle-age man had the misfortune of falling down a flight of steps on the Calle de La Agua in Motril.

by Buzzers - 2 days ago

Online Rentals Scam

The Guardia Civil in Solana de los Barros have presented charges against a man for allegedly setting up an online booking scam.

by Buzzers - 3 days ago

ITV Strike Avoided

One of Spain's top labour unions, the UGT FICA-A, called off a strike at the ITV stations all over Andalucía that had been planned for the 8th.

by Buzzers - 3 days ago

Storm Thwarts Voyage

The replica of the Spanish carrack, Nao Victoria, has had to turn back to Almería Port to shelter from the storm that is lashing the Mar de Alborán.

by Buzzers - 4 days ago

Tesco Comes To Mainland Spain

The new Food Co. store in the Puerto de Mazarrón opened on Tuesday 5th November at 11:00 as promised, the aisles absolutely packed with shoppers who had come along to see whether the promise of Tesco branded products would happen.Few could be disappo...

by Buzzers - 4 days ago

No Heavies on Burro Taxis

A new municipal bylaw in Mijas, famous for its burro taxis, makes it illegal for people over 80 kilos to ride them.

by Buzzers - 4 days ago

Eye-Watering Marihuana Fine

Selling illegal drugs like marihuana can bring in a tidy sum, but it can also be very expensive if you are caught, which was the case for a man from Padul.

by Buzzers - 4 days ago

Street Fight and Drugs

A gang had planned to raid a dwelling in Motril to steal 19 kilos of marihuana ready for sale but things went wrong.

by Buzzers - 5 days ago

Motril Lorries Suffer

The Motril, road-haulage company, Comotrans, which is one of the most important such companies in Spain, has been caught up in the French/Catalan border troubles.

by Buzzers - 5 days ago

Murder in Calahonda

The body of a building developer was found in Calahonda yesterday morning, wrapped in plastic and bearing several knife wounds.

by Buzzers - 6 days ago

Looking Back: Gasp!

The Seaside Gazette has always been a satirical rag with plenty of tongue-in-cheek reporting and today’s Looking Back article is a prime example. In 2009 the main income of many town halls was still building licences but they were quickly dryin...