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Spain / Mainland - 1 day ago

Covid Figures 7th Dec.

As contagion figures continue to rise, not only in Spain but all over Europe, we have returned to publishing the official figures for each Tuesday.

Spain / Mainland - 2 days ago

ExpoAlpujarra 2021

Over 50 companies have been showing off their wares in the Alpujarreño town of Ugíjar, which is close to the border with the Alpujarra Almeriense.

Spain / Mainland - 2 days ago

Alhambra Excavations Find

Under what is known as the Jardín de la Alamedilla, within the Alhambra confines, archaeologists have uncovered the remains of a palatial structure.

Spain / Mainland - 2 days ago

Stealing Charity Donations

There is always somebody ready to take avantage of tragedy or the generosity of those moved by one, which is the case of a man arrested in Tenerife.

Spain / Mainland - 3 days ago

3rd Jab, No Appointment

On the 2nd of December the Salud Granada Sur facebook page stated that if you are over 60 you will receive an appointment via SMS. This has now changed.

Spain / Mainland - 3 days ago

Yet Another Fireball

This one was more spectacular because its shallow trajectory caused it to bounce off the Earth's atmosphere leaving a lingering trail.

Spain / Mainland - 4 days ago

Almuñecar Hill Fire

Infoca were called out to tackle a fire within the municipality of Almuñécar yesterday in the hills behind Velilla-Taramay.

Spain / Mainland - 4 days ago

Hiccups in the Country

Doing anything today? No? Then why not pop up to the Vino Nuevo 2021, up behind Almuñécar/Herradura in the Escuelas de Los Martínez in Río Seco?

Spain / Mainland - 4 days ago

Safety on the Sierra Nevada

With 16,000 visitors expected each day over this long bank holiday, safety is being taken very seriously at the Sierra Nevada skiing resort.

Spain / Mainland - 5 days ago

Molvízar Roundabout?

The conservative representatives in the Provincial Council have called upon the socialist Chairman to get his finger out and build a roundabout for Molvízar.

Spain / Mainland - 6 days ago

The Mask Rebellion

A judge in the Granada law courts does not consider that parents of a schoolgirl who refused to make her wear a mask had committed a criminal offence.

Spain / Mainland - 6 days ago

Driving Licence Deadline

On the 31st of December the transition accord between the EU and the UK runs out meaning that driving licences issued by the latter are no longer valid here.