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Spain / Mainland - 3 days ago

Lastest Local Covid Data: 1st

Contagion figures for the seven days ending on the 1st of December for a selection of municipalities, followed by the total contagion and deaths figures.

Spain / Mainland - 4 days ago

PCRs for Entire Village

Cuevas del Becerro in the province of Málaga will be the first municipality in Andalucía to have its entire population PCR tested.

Spain / Mainland - 4 days ago

Cuts Dogs’ Vocal Cords

The Guardia Civil and the Policía Local in Vegas del Genil discovered a clandestine breeding kennel for pedigree dogs in an old, tobacco drying house.

Spain / Mainland - 4 days ago

Fined for Coming Down

The Guardia Civil and Policía Local check points netted ten residents from inland Granada trying to reach the coast last weekend, and that was just Motril.

Spain / Mainland - 5 days ago

Costly Refusal

Two people, aged 25 and 26, flatly refused to wear a mask, even when supplied with ones by Guardia Civil officers.

Spain / Mainland - 5 days ago

Granada & Metropolitan Reopens

Following the Costa Tropical and the Alpujarra, in the rest of the province, including the capital city, bars, restaurants and shops can open up to 18.30h.

Spain / Mainland - 6 days ago

Not Just Another Death

Another doctor has succumbed to Coronavirus in Granada, Tomás Ureña Fernández (1962) who died from complications yesterday.

Spain / Mainland - 6 days ago

The Fantastic Four

The number of municipalities in Granada that have never had one case of Covid-19 since the pandemic began dwindles - now there are only four.

Spain / Mainland - 6 days ago

Ferreteria Neptuno Salobreña

This ferreteria in Salobreña on Avenida del Mediterraneo not only sells all sorts of tools and equipment but also offers a 24h call-out, locksmith service

Spain / Mainland - 1 week ago

Christmas & Covid

The Central Government, concerned that you could be inviting something more than family & friends to your Christmas lunch, has announced limitations.