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Spain / Mainland - 5 hours ago

2020 Airshow Cancelled Again

The Motril Airshow that was originally planned for the 21st of June but postponed until September the 27th has been definitevely cancelled for 2020.

Spain / Mainland - 1 day ago

Rain and Power Cuts

First of all, yesterday saw rainfall on the Costa Tropical, at last, cleaning up the atmosphere and without causing any damage.

Spain / Mainland - 1 day ago

Regional 24h Contagion Figure

Today, Andalucía added a further 1,617 Covid-19 cases discovered through PCR testing, which is the second highest daily figure during this virus reassugence.

Spain / Mainland - 2 days ago

Tying the Knot Turns Nasty

A wedding reception in Pinos Puentes didn't end well when an all-out brawl erupted, requiring the presence of six patrol cars to sort it out.

Spain / Mainland - 2 days ago

Axarquía Illegal Homes

The Asociación Salvemos Nuestras Casas-Axarquía (SOHA) has lodged their petition concerning an Andalusian draft bill dealing with rural dwellings.

Spain / Mainland - 3 days ago

Night Club Bust for Arms

The Policía Nacional carried out a raid on a night club as they suspected that it was being used as a sales point for firearms and ammunition - they were right.

Spain / Mainland - 3 days ago

Pay Rise Flak

The Mayor of Salobreña is coming under increasing criticism for awarding herself a 14,000 pay rise when many fear for their jobs.

by Buzzers - 6 days ago

The Clinical Trial of the Covid-19 Vaccine Begins in Spain

From this Monday the 190 volunteers will pass through the Madrid hospitals of La Paz and La Princesa, and in the Marqués de Valdecilla de SantanderSpain will begin this Monday, September 14th, with the first clinical trial for the COVID vaccine in ph...

by Buzzers - 2 months ago

Spain is Losing Control of the Pandemic in Just One Month

"That we are talking about outbreaks and not community transmission implies that we are fine." The director of the Center for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies (CCAES), Fernando Simón, said this on June 25th. 25 days later, The Health Dep...