Certificates for the Covid Passport now Available in The Canary Islands

Canary Islands

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The Minister of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands, Blas Trujillo, reported this Tuesday in the Plenary of Parliament that his department will make available this Wednesday to the people residing in the islands the EU COVID Digital Certificate, the official document with which from From July 1st, allow people residing in the Member States to prove that they have received the vaccine, overcame the disease or have a diagnostic test with a negative result.

The COVID Digital EU Certificate is intended to facilitate mobility and guarantee the protection of the health of people in the European Union who meet any of these three conditions, without having the status of passport or travel document that conditions or restricts the right to free movement.

How to get the certificate

People residing in the Canary Islands can download the certificate by accessing the myHistory service, in which the SCS COVID-19 Vaccination Card is already accessible. It can be accessed from the SCS website or through the iOS or Android apps.

As it contains highly secure information, it requires registering with a digital identity, which can be obtained through a digital certificate or the Cl @ ve system at www.miscs.org , where the steps to follow to register are detailed; or by means of a username and password provided by the administrative unit of the health centre to which it is attached.

The implementation of the EU-COVID Digital Certificate is a highly complex process that requires, in addition to coordination between the Ministry of Health and the Autonomous Communities, the involvement of the Ministries of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Foreign Affairs, the European Union and Cooperation and Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda and other agents such as airlines.