Covid Cases Rise to 15 Yesterday in Lanzarote


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The daily cases of Covid-19 have registered a rise in Lanzarote , with 15 positives reported in the last day . The data is one of the worst since last February, when the incidence on the island began to decline. Since then, this figure has only been reached twice: once in early March and another on the 30th. However, two days ago, 14 cases had already been reported, and this Monday there were 8.

The positives reported this Tuesday correspond to Monday, when 332 tests were carried out on the island, more than double the previous day.

In addition, active cases have risen to 87, since in the last 24 hours there have only been nine discharges on the island. Of them, until the morning of this Tuesday there were six patients admitted to the ICU of the Molina Orosa Hospital and three on the floor, while the rest are in home isolation.

Regarding the accumulated incidence, it has increased to 7 days, standing at 36.6 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, although at 14 days it remains at 67.4 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.