Do You Have A Vacation Property To Let?

Canary Islands

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We are finally ready to accept property submissions for properties on The Canary Islands offers an alternative to other booking sites -

  • No Commission or Fees
  • Owners control payments direct
  • Dynamic Fast Modern Web Design
  • Airbnb user style control panel for bookings and property updates
  • Fair property review process, no more bad reviews hanging around because of slow responses from large booking sites
  • Easy to share on Facebook and Twitter
  • Availability Calendar
  • Booking Reports and more
  • Established in Lanzarote Canary Islands for over 18 years with a clean and trusted company record is promoted by the Buzzfm website with over 250,000+ hits a month and Buzzfm on Alexa worldwide with over 5,000 listeners a month. These are audited figures not sales speak!

With the devastating effect of Covid to the islands, Buzz feels the need to offer a better opportunity to promote vacation properties here without the upfront costs and a sting in the tail of other websites. So we are offering our service as a donation platform, simple, if it works for you, please donate at the end of every year. Your listing will not be affected by your donation status at anytime. will also attract third party advertising to support costs but not to the detriment of the booking experience, i.e. no annoying pop-ups etc.

All too good to be true, well it is and we will even set your property up for you, if you send us the images, description, property amenities etc, email for details.

You can of course submit everything yourself by signing up at then request to be a vendor. We will check your submission before publishing to make sure you look your best.

Let's do it in 2022 and get back to 'living the life' everyday!