Doggy Beach Time on Lanzarote!


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So where do you take your dog for some fun by the sea on Lanzarote. Firstly there is the beach of Las Coloradas or Playa El Afre , which is located in the municipality of Yaiza, in the south of the island.

Of the slightly more than 400 metres of beach, there is a total of 150 metres enabled as a beach for dogs. This beach has sand, gravel and pebbles, and its waters are calm and clean.

It is a beach that does not have many services, but it also allows dogs and their owners to enjoy a beach time.

Then we have Guacimeta Beach . It is close to the Lanzarote airport, specifically in the town of Playa Honda, in San Bartolomé. It is a beach of toasted sand and calm waters, which invites the enjoyment of owners and pets. It has numerous terraces and services to make it a perfect day.

What to take when you go with your dog to the beach?

  • 1. Your up-to-date vaccination record in the event of any unwanted unforeseen event.
  • 2. A container or drinker and plenty of fresh water.
  • 3. An umbrella so that your dog is protected from the sun's rays, especially during the hours of greatest exposure to the sun.
  • 4. Bags to collect their droppings.
  • 5. Some snack to reward him when he responds to positive stimuli.
  • 6. A toy, if he likes to play in the water.
  • 7. Covers to protect the paw pads, in case your dog shows hypersensitivity to contact with hot sand.
  • 8. Your leash and dog tag collar.

Going to the beach with your pet is the best experience for both of you. The most important thing of all is that you and your dog have fun and have an amazing time together.