Dramatic Rescue on the Órzola Coast


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A dinghy has overturned this Tuesday when it was about to reach the coast of Lanzarote and more than thirty immigrants have fallen into the water, starting a dramatic rescue that has already resulted in at least four deaths and several missing. "They don't know how to swim," warned a volunteer who was in the area.

The event occurred around 7:30 p.m. in a rocky area near the Órzola pier, and it was the screams that activated the emergency services, which were precisely in the area to carry out the transfer of the arrived immigrants. during the morning to La Graciosa.

After a few minutes of harrowing search at sea, the people who participated in the rescue have been coming out of the water. The dangerousness of the area, together with the rising tide and the darkness, has prevented the search from continuing, as there is no trace of more people. "This is hell," recounted a witness.

On the coast, there have been scenes of rescued people crying and even vomiting and having to be treated by the health services. And at sea, migrants who have lost their lives without being rescued.

Two of the people who have participated in the rescue have reported that they have heard screams in the water but when they were approaching the area where the sound came from, they stopped hearing the screams and they have not been able to locate them either.

As for the bodies that have been recovered lifeless, when they reached the coast, the toilets have mobilized to try to revive them, but without success.

The last corpse has been recovered after 9 pm by the firefighters of the Safety and Emergency Consortium, who have taken charge of continuing the search in the water after the first volunteers withdrew.

In addition, a helicopter and a drone have been deployed to the area to help.