Emergency Landing at Lanzarote Airport


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A plane had to make an emergency landing at Lanzarote airport on Tuesday , after one of the engines caught fire as soon as it took off. You can hear it start on the video.

"It was an incredible scare," a witness, who saw the aircraft from Playa Honda, told La Voz. “Explosions were heard and flames were seen coming from one of the engines. It has been crazy” , affirms this neighbour.

Like him, other people have contacted the media after witnessing the event, which fortunately has had no consequences.

The flight was headed to Germany but as soon as it took off from the Lanzarote airport, it suffered an engine failure. As reported by air traffic controllers, priority was given to landing, which finally took place without further incident.

Upon reaching the runway, the firefighters have approached the plane, although the fire had already been put out and the airport had returned to normal operation.

According to the sources consulted, the flight belonged to the Condor company, which already suffered a very similar incident a few months ago . It was on January 7th when another plane of this airline, which was also heading to Hamburg, suffered a fire in one of its engines, although in this case it was diverted to the Fuerteventura airport for landing.