Emma Willis: ‘I’m annoyed that I didn’t relish my Hollywood handshake’


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The Cooking With the Stars presenter eats a lot of cake and doesn’t mind a microwave – but won’t go near anything that has a shell

I’d never seen a “Hollywood handshake” before I got one [on The Great Celebrity Bake Off]. So when he shook my hand, I was like: “Aww, thanks Paul.” Then we were filming afterwards and I realised: “Err, it’s a thing?” Now I’m annoyed because I probably didn’t relish it enough. But it was a very firm, warm, slightly moist hand.

You basically eat biscuits and Deliveroo when you work on a TV show. For example, Cooking With the Stars or The Voice involve long, consecutive days, 8am till maybe 11pm. And your dressing room is filled with sweet treats that you love and you feel shit after eating them every single day for 10 days. Then you order from Deliveroo and eat it in your dressing room, on your own during a break. Sorry to shatter the illusion.

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