Enmedio Volcano Threatens Santa Lucia de Güimar


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The mayor of the municipality of Tenerife, Airam Puerta, revealed on Monday in a statement to Onda Tenerife that the population in the centre of Santa Lucia could be evicted as a result of the microseisms originated in the Enmedio Volcano, and that he is waiting to know the Final technical report to decree the measure.


The volcano, located 15 kilometers off the coast of Agache and 1,500 meters deep, threatens the residents with constant landslides. The last one was last October 2017, which, although it occurred on a highway, it affected several homes. Since then, the municipal technical report specifies an "imminent danger to people from landslides."

Airam Puerta, mayor of Güímar, said that one cannot "live with the uncertainty that a stone could fall on you", referring to the event of 2011, when a large rock completely crushed a house and a vehicle. "I am willing to ensure the lives of these people, even if I have to sign the eviction," he said.

The solution is to apply the PEMU (Municipal Emergency Plan) promoted by Luisa Castro as quickly as the situation requires. Once the councillor obtains the necessary data, he will speak with the residents to leave their homes, a measure to which many will cause resistance.

In regard to Los Gigantes beach the mayor said. "I will do everything possible to seek funding (at least 350,000 euros) to secure that area, whether it is in the public domain or not."