Filming Starts in Lanzarote for the Second Season of Welcome to Eden


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The Netflix series Welcome to Eden has already started shooting its second season in Lanzarote, just a few days after its world premiere.

With many mysteries to solve and, after the final plot twist, many viewers were left wanting more, so now the entire team of the Spanish series has moved to the north of the island, to continue the scenes that were left “halfway” in the last chapter.

In this new season, the mystery and danger on the island will continue to grow and the Edén Foundation will welcome new characters played by Carlos Torres (La Reina del Flow) and Nona Sobo (Entrevías) who join the cast of the series.

Likewise, their characters Amaia Aberasturi (Akelarre), Amaia Salamanca (Despite everything), Belinda Peregrín, Berta Castañé, Lola Rodríguez (Veneno), Sergio Momo (Elite), Begoña Vargas (High seas), Tomy Aguilera (SKAM Spain ), Guillermo Pfening (Foodie Love), Diego Garisa, Lucía Guerrero (Group 7), Carlos Soroa, Dariam Coco and Irene Dev, among others.

For their part, Joaquín Górriz (Disappeared) and Guillermo López (Caught) have written all the episodes of this second season, directed by Denis Rovira (The influence) and Juanma Pachón (Wounds) and produced by Brutal Media. In addition, the series will also feature scenes shot in Barcelona and Teruel.

It should be noted that, for the third consecutive week, the first season of Welcome to Eden continues to rank among the highest positions in Netflix's Global Top 10 TV (non-English speaking), accumulating 116,970,000 hours of viewing since its premiere and continues currently in the Top 10 of 68 countries including Spain, France, Germany, Turkey, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil.

Welcome to Eden premiered on Netflix on May 6 under the following question: “Are you happy?” The series talks about a planet in the midst of a climate crisis, with young people increasingly dissatisfied with their lives and unsure of their future, so the protagonists end up creating a "sect or family" on an island far from all civilization.

However, we will still have to wait a few months to know the premiere date of the second season.