Fire at Deiland Shopping Centre


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A fire forced on Monday the evacuation of the Deiland shopping centre in Playa Honda. As confirmed by the Safety and Emergency Consortium, the fire originated in a Burger King fryer, but had spread throughout the kitchen, affecting the rest of the fryers, as well as the false ceiling and the electrical installation of the premises anddue to the high temperature had melted.

In addition, the fire caused a large amount of smoke that spread throughout the shopping centre and three men were assisted by the health workers of the Canary Islands Emergency Service, having been transferred by ambulance to the Molina Orosa Hospital.

Among those who attended were two workers from Burger King and another from an attached cafeteria. The three were evacuated due to smoke inhalation and one of them, an employee of the hamburger restaurant, also had burns.

At 4:10 p.m. the fire had been extinguished, but firefighters were still ventilating the shopping centre, which was flooded with smoke. In fact, the Emergency Consortium confirmed that Deiland had decided to close to the public until this Tuesday, when it is expected that the affected area will be cleaned and painted next to that premises.

As for the Burger King, it is expected to be out of service for a longer time, as the damage was severe.