Flights to Lanzarote will Cost Double During The Christmas Period


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Despite the increase in air capacity for Lanzarote this winter , the island with the most seats compared to last year, 7% more to exceed 2 million seats, plane tickets will cost on average twice as much at Christmas . which they normally cost.

The forecasts have been published by the tourism intelligence company Mabrian Technologies , which estimates the average price of tickets to travel to Lanzarote this winter at 130 euros, a cost that will increase by 98% at Christmas time .

Mabrian Technologies also foresees a price increase on flights to Lanzarote during the Carnival season of more than 20%.

The phenomenon is similar in other Canary Islands. Prices are also expected to almost double at Christmas for flights to Fuerteventura, whose average price is also 130 euros, as well as Gran Canaria and Tenerife, whose average prices are 141 and 139 euros respectively.

Hotels, 15% more expensive at Christmas

For their part, hotels in the Canary Islands will also increase their prices this winter. 3-star hotels will cost an average of 124 euros per night, 11% more than last year.

4-star hotels will cost 5% more than last year, up to 163 euros on average per night.

As for 5-star hotels, the price increases by 9%, meaning the room will cost on average 310 euros.

For the Christmas period , Mabrian Technologies estimates a 15% average increase in prices for hotels in the archipelago.