Going Going....Gone!


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Buzz has launched Pujas.co an online Auction Site on Lanzarote with the other Canary Islands joining over the next three months. In the past we had great success online with Canary Deals during the heady 'Gangas' days on Lanzarote.

Sometimes social media just doesn't cut it when selling those special items needing serious money offers, it just can all get a bit too social! Buying and Selling is also a personal thing, at Pujas.co we keep it private and only the Buyer and Seller know their identities after a successful offer. We also like to negotiate a price that suits us and that's why Auctions are so successful. Pujas.co allows the seller to set the starting price and the length of the auction up to a month, but if they receive an offer that is a acceptable, they can set it as the winner in the user dashboard and the auction ends with the buyer notified automatically. We also know how it rolls on the islands after 20 years of living here. You handle your own money transactions and delivery, not us!

Pujas – pronounced 'Puhas' is Spanish for Bids and you can register now and start buying and selling for free, no commission or hidden charges. We are also donating our €5 Featured Auctions to animal charities with a monthly total update on our website. Businesses based on The Canary Islands can list too and we have a very tight spam policy which is very simple, we check your postcode and island on registration, if they don't match your are zapped!

Pujas.co, it's fresh, dynamic, creating a safe person to person online auction for The Canary Islands. The there's a Facebook page too 'Pujasbids' with quick links to the items in the auctions and we'll promote some of the auctions on Buzzfm for free. Take a look now, there are some interesting listings up already so start bidding at Pujas.co