Good News for Papagayo Camping Site


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The Papagayo camping area is extended until October 1st, as reported by the Lanzarote Cabildo, which has communicated the extension of the "area management and maintenance service."

The advisor of the Papagayo Camping Area, Samuel Martín, explained that this decision responds to "the demand of citizens to have the campsite open and enjoy this space throughout the month of September", as we committed to since the “camp opening this summer . ” Martín also remembers that it was going to be open "until September 17th."

The counselor explained that, from the Cabildo, the public company Tragsa has been requested to agree to the extension of the execution period "until October 1st, 2023 and that it "does not entail an economic increase, making it possible for the camping area and all resources remain available during the month.

"Hundreds of neighbors from all over the Island" have enjoyed the Papagayo campsite since its opening on July 10 , including water supply services, electricity, bathrooms, showers, security and deposits for chemical toilets.