Government Guarantees All Self-Employed Up to 700 Euros Aid and No Fees

Canary Islands

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The Minister of Social Security has clarified that the self-employed will be able to collect aid of 700 euros and stop paying fees . The holder of Social Security explains that all the Self-Employed forced to close by the State of alarm or fall of income of 75% already have the right to the extraordinary benefit for cessation of independent activity of condition and, therefore, they will be exempt from paying fees. Specifically, they will receive a benefit equivalent to 70% of the regulatory base, about 661 euros, for those who have had to close their business or lost 75% of their turnover.

The president of ATA, Lorenzo Amor, has invited self-employed workers to request the benefit for cessation of activity to thus access the exemption of quotas and such aid. From now on and as long as the state of alarm lasts, a managing entity will take over and pay for the self-employed , so the registration with Social Security will be maintained. The procedures can be started and the corresponding benefit will be charged one month past due and will be extended for one month.

These measures for the self-employed were one of the biggest requests from the PP leader, Pablo Casado. Yesterday, in Congress.