Grant Awarded for New LZ5 Motorway


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The Ministry of Public Works of the Government of the Canary Islands has awarded this Wednesday to the Grusamar-GIPIC-HSIA joint venture the contract for the drafting of the project for the layout and construction of the new highway between the Lanzarote airport and the Argana link , on the LZ -3, the road that gives access to the Doctor José Molina Orosa University Hospital.

The budget is for an investment of 1,128,965 euros , as reported by the regional government. Now, the UTE has 15 days to present "all the necessary guarantees" before signing the contract.

According to the letter issued by the regional Executive, the new highway "should solve the current capacity and connectivity problems registered by the layout of the LZ-2 that connects the Arrecife ring road with the LZ-40 and the access to the airport." An average of 65,000 vehicles per day pass through it , being "the most intense in Lanzarote", according to the Executive. "This factor, along with the presence of industrial and residential areas, such as Playa Honda, make its current level of service deficient," the administration concludes.

As a reason for carrying out this work, the Government emphasizes that in the area is "the only access link to the hospital area of the island, which shares a location with the important residential area of Argana, which causes long delays on the shoulders of the motorway, making it difficult for ambulances and health personnel to access".

In order to determine the layout of the new highway, in the last two years, several previous studies of alternatives to the current layout of the LZ-2 between the airport and Argana have been carried out, reports the Ministry. One of them, focused on the alternatives to avoid, as is currently the case, that the LZ-2 crosses "and splits the town of Playa Honda in two halves."

But now a variant is going to be made that connects the GC-3 with the GC-40 outside Playa Honda, they add. By diverting most of the traffic from LZ-2 in this way, they report.

"It will allow a faster and more agile connection with a calm traffic"

This new direct variant between Argana and the airport, which would be called LZ-5, would allow a faster and more agile connection between both infrastructures. In addition to transforming the current LZ-2 with calm traffic, they collect.

In the local area of Playa Honda, this alternative would make it possible to transform the section of the current LZ-2 that crosses the town into a traffic-calmed boulevard , cycle paths and wide promenade areas with spaces for outdoor sports and leisure.