Guaranteed Free Hand Luggage?


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Tthe Petitions Committee of the European Parliament has now unanimously approved a resolution this Wednesday which asks airlines to apply the measure of free cabin luggage for passengers. Next October , the resolution will be put to a vote in the plenary session in Strasbourg,

Hand luggage "is an indispensable element" for passengers, recognized the Court of Justice of the European Union , a declaration after which said measure arrives. Therefore, this luggage should not be subject to additional costs.

Thanks to Ciudadanos MEP Jordi Cañas, who has played the role of negotiator on behalf of the European liberals, the resolution they have reached through the vote by the PETI Commission has now been achieved . Including the ruling of the Court of Justice in a text that seeks "the harmonisation of the measurements and weight of carry-on suitcases" on all EU airlines.

The European Commission is urged to carry out legislation that regulates the measurements and weight of carry-on suitcases throughout the EU, given that, as there is no conformity between airlines, this results in an additional cost for travelers. This is why when traveling on different companies on the same day , it becomes more difficult for passengers to choose the best offers.

Furthermore, the Petitions Committee urges that there be transparency on the part of the airlines at the time of purchasing tickets, in relation to the cost and schedules of the flights . Given that 'low cost' companies do not clarify the supplements for carrying cabin luggage until the purchase process is completed, something that "must end as it harms travellers."

The brief also focuses on the fines imposed on passengers when they arrive at the boarding gate for not paying additional costs required by certain airlines.