Haim: ‘We can go toe-to-toe with any male rock band and blow them out of water'


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The LA trio have faced grief, sexism and members of Portishead - now they’re back with a new darker sound

A tip if you are ever visiting Los Angeles: don’t be suckered in by those open-top bus tours of celebrity homes, where some wannabe actor in a headset delivers made-up facts about the Kardashian vineyards. Instead, just take a drive with Este Haim, and experience the history of La La Land as told through the eyes of her and her sisters’ teenage misadventure.

“That’s where Eagles recorded Hotel California,” says Este, pointing at an impressive home from the front seat of an SUV while her two sisters, Alana and Danielle, sit in the back. “That’s where Alana had her first car crash,” the eldest and often the loudest of the trio continues, shifting into the authoritative tone of a celebrity TV travelogue as we career over Laurel Canyon. “And this is Jenny Lewis’s house; we snuck into her fourth-of-July pool party wearing Budweiser swimsuits. This was Houdini’s house, then it was Frank Zappa’s house, then it was the house I broke into with all my girlfriends and we held a seance. The police came and we all had to run away; we were like gazelles – they never caught us.”

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