House Prices in Lanzarote Continue to Rise


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Idealista , the leading real estate portal, has published the latest data on housing for sale in Lanzarote, where price growth has been the main protagonist since 2021.

Yaiza, which offers the most expensive houses on the island, reached its maximum in August of this year. So much so that access to a property in the municipality is on average around 3,220 euros per square metre . Always according to the aforementioned portal.

The southern municipality began this price boom starting in December 2021, with 2,357 euros per square metre. At that time, the price increase was 4.4% more than the previous year. Since then, the cost of the purchase has grown uncontrollably until it surpassed the 3,000 euro barrier in March of this year.

While Tinajo does not present updated data. In Tías, housing for sale continues to become more expensive . So much so that buying a home in the municipality this summer was 8.5% more expensive than the previous year and the previous summer it was already more expensive than its predecessor.

In the municipality of Tías it is above 2,700 euros per square metre to be able to own a property. Or what is the same, with these prices, a 45 square meter apartment would exceed 123,000 euros .

The cost of housing has also worsened in the municipality of Teguise . In this case, it has remained on the rise since May 2021. At that time it was already 25 euros away from reaching 2,000 euros per square metre.

Currently, buying a home in Teguise in August meant paying 2,260 euros per square metre. This figure increases if the property is purchased in the tourist town of Costa Teguise and shoots up to 2,500 euros.

In the case of San Bartolomé , the increase in the cost of housing is not so constant, but rather suffers slight falls in prices and new increases. So much so that currently a property costs 2,011 euros per square metre and two months ago, in June, it was around 1,894 euros per square metre.

The town of Haría has also experienced constant increases during the summer and has reached its all-time high. The real estate portal reveals that buying a house in the north of the island means investing 2,143 euros per square metre. This represents a growth of 19.3% compared to the previous year and 12.9% greater than the previous quarter.

To conclude, the capital of the island, in the absence of Tinajo data, becomes the area where housing is most affordable . In this way, it is around 1,513 euros/m2, the highest value recorded so far and since the economic crisis of 2008.

By neighborhood, the center of Arrecife has the highest price , above 1,800 euros per square metre. After this area is Valterra, La Vega and Las Salinas (1,586 euros/m2), followed by Argana and Maneje, Altavista, Titerroy and San Francisco Javier, exceeding 1,385 euros per square metre.