How Much Do The Tourists Spend?


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Spending per tourist in Lanzarote has fallen in the second quarter compared to the first months of the year. If between January and March the travelers who visited the island spent an average of 167.6 euros , between April and June they have spent 151.2 euros per person.

Average tourist spending has been higher this spring both in Gran Canaria , where they spent an average of 155.7 euros, and in Tenerife , where they exceeded 160 euros.

In Fuerteventura and La Palma , on the other hand, it has been lower. The tourist spent on average respectively 148 and 141.6 euros per day.

In Lanzarote, most of the tourist's daily budget goes to accommodation , a total of 69.1 euros per night.

The second largest expense occurs in acquiring transport to get to the island , which represents, prorated by day of stay , an average of 37.9 euros .

Next, food , in which they invest an average of 22.7 euros per day per traveler.

In local transport , the average daily cost is 9.8 euros , while in recreational activities it is 6.7 euros . Purchases only cost 4.5 euros a day .