Detours on the highway LZ2

Detours on the highway LZ2
By: Local News Posted On: May 17, 2024 View: 441

The Ministry of Public Works, Housing and Mobility of the Government of the Canary Islands has announced that next Wednesday, May 22, traffic will be diverted on the section of the LZ-2 that runs near Playa Honda , in the area municipal of San Bartolomé.
The Executive carries out this action to continue with the work planned for the execution of the new Playa Honda underpass, in the area of ​​LZ-2, PK 2+500, for the implementation of the first of the caissons that will form the structure under the south carriageway of the LZ-2.
During the development of the works, which will last approximately one month in this first phase of detours, the south carriageway (sea side) of the LZ-2 will be closed to traffic, in a section of approximately 300 meters in length, enabling On the opposite road, one lane per direction of travel. 
To transfer traffic from one road to the other, two median crossings will be enabled, located at PPKKs 2+340 and PK 2+600 of the aforementioned road. 
On the other hand, and in order to try to alleviate the effects that the closure of the southern carriageway of the LZ-2 may cause to road users, the use of the branches of the Playa Honda link will be promoted to cover the itineraries Airport-Arrecife (branches from the southern roundabout of the interchange) and Arrecife-Airport (branches from the northern roundabout of the interchange). 
Likewise, with the intention of minimizing the effects on road users, the length of the section of the LZ-2 affected by the detour has been reduced to the minimum possible, guaranteeing compliance with the applicable technical regulations regarding works signage.
However, in order to minimize possible delays that may occur in the area affected by the works, it is recommended that drivers, to the extent possible, and especially at peak times, make use of alternative routes that allow them to avoid the traffic. Pass through the LZ-2 at the height of Playa Honda, such as through the LZ-35, LZ-301 or avoid, as far as possible, traveling through the Playa Honda underpass.
From the General Directorate of Road Infrastructure, drivers are asked to take extreme precautions to avoid accidents and pay attention to road signs.

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