Cash Converters Opens on Lanzarote

Cash Converters Opens on Lanzarote
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The second-hand items buying and selling company Cash Converters has opened its first second-hand store in Lanzarote. Specifically, on Domingo Ramírez Ferrera street, number 3 in the city of Arrecife. 
So far in 2024, Canarian consumers have increased their second-hand purchases by 6.8%, that is, the number of products they purchased in Cash Converters stores on the Islands increased by this percentage. On the other hand, they also went to sell items that they did not need to give them a second life ; According to internal company data, in 2024 they did so by 16% more compared to the same periods in 2023. 
With this there are now eight stores where Canarians buy and sell second-hand items. In this way, the company currently has 72 establishments open to the public in Spain and five in Portugal, including its own stores and a network of franchises. With the opening of the new Lanzarote store, eight jobs have been created . 

The store has been launched by entrepreneurs and brothers Juan and Yessica Hernandez, who already own five stores in the Canary Islands and have almost 20 years of experience in the second-hand market. The new establishment occupies a 150m2 premises and is It opened last Friday, May 17. 
“It is undoubtedly the moment of the second hand and the momentum that we are experiencing in the Canary Islands is extraordinary. Until now, Lanzarote did not have any store where the most responsible consumers could promote the circular economy with a verification of the product's operation prior to purchase and a two-year guarantee against the platforms between which the transaction between individuals is carried out. , where the seller must provide the buyer with the guarantee of origin,” commented Yessica Hernández. 

In addition to the purchase and sale of second-hand products, Cash Converters will offer in Lanzarote a solution that allows its clients to sell what they no longer need in exchange for an economic amount that they receive immediately and with the possibility of recovering it later. of a time.  
On the other hand, the microcredit division of Cash Converters , Dineo, will be available, with which the company helps clients who cannot access traditional bank financing, offering them a responsible, transparent, immediate and safe financing alternative. 

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the second city in which most technology is bought and sold 

Consumer electronics has gained prominence in the Canary Islands' circular economy in recent years, according to internal data from Cash Converters . Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is the second Spanish city where the highest volume of purchases and sales of second-hand electronic items has been recorded, only behind Malaga, which heads this ranking. 
The second-hand consumer electronics that are most bought and sold nationwide are: video games, smartphones, consoles, smart TVs, laptops, tablets, smartwatches, monitors, mice and desktop computers. 

About Cash Converters

  • Cash Converters is a company specialized in the purchase and sale of second-hand products. The company, through its activity, values ​​the circular economy as a driver for a change in consumer habits that helps create a more sustainable world. 
  • He was born in Australia in 1984 and arrived in Spain in 1995 , opening a first store in Barcelona. It currently has 77 stores (72 in Spain and 5 in Portugal) between its own stores and a network of franchises. In addition, it has closed agreements with Carrefour in Spain and Auchan in Portugal, to implement spaces for buying and selling second-hand items on their surfaces. For now, they have a presence within Carrefour (in the Las Rosas shopping center in San Blas, Madrid) and in Auchan (in Maia, Portugal). They also offer the option to buy and sell items through their website. 

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