Alert among pet owners in Playa Blanca

Alert among pet owners in Playa Blanca
By: Local News Posted On: June 08, 2024 View: 612

The residents of Playa Blanca report that someone has placed food with needles for dogs in the town. A dog was the main victim this past Monday when she was walking with her owner around her home.

After the incident, the animal underwent surgery on Wednesday for ingesting a sausage with needles. According to what his owner informed La Voz,  he had to undergo surgery to remove the two needles that were in his stomach and another that had remained in his throat.
In addition, another resident in the area also witnessed what happened when he came across the food while walking with his dog. 

The affected family and other citizens have reported that it is a "neighbor" who is dedicated to putting needles in sweets, bread, sausages or other foods and throwing them around the area. "I found a candy with two pins in the yard of my house ," confessed the owner of the operated dog. 
After the "serious" events that occurred, citizens have decided to talk to him, but he is forceful with his version. "He denies everything, he says it's not him ," they revealed. 

Removing the needle from the dog's body
Removing the needle from the dog's body

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