Companies with few workers will be able to obtain up to 3,000 euros in Lanzarote

Companies with few workers will be able to obtain up to 3,000 euros in Lanzarote
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Companies with less than three workers will be able to request their digital bonus of 3,000 euros starting this Friday. At 11:00 a.m., the form is opened so that micro-businesses and self-employed workers in segment III of the Digital Kit program, with between 0 and less than 3 employees, can request the 3,000 euro bonus and those already beneficiaries of the previous amount, the additional 1,000 euros. And the period will be open until October 31, 2025, the Lanzarote Chamber of Commerce has reported.
The form can be completed through the electronic headquarters . The deadline to submit applications will remain open until October 31, 2025. The partial resolution of the third call can be consulted at the following  link .
A new category of solution is incorporated for segment III, the Safe Workplace, which includes a portable or desktop device with a monitor. With this partial modification of the call, increases the budget allocated to this segment by 500 million euros , bringing the call to a total of 1,000 million euros., an entity attached to the Ministry for Digital Transformation and Public Service through the Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence, publishes a resolution of partial modification of the call for aid intended for the digitalization of small businesses in between 0 and less than 3 employees (segment III) which includes news regarding the call for the same segment that was published on October 12, 2022. These modifications do not apply to communities of property, professional civil companies, civil companies with commercial activity and shared ownership agricultural holdings that belong to segment III.
The modification details the maximum aid amounts for each category of digitalization solutions, the deadlines for consuming the voucher, the declaration of conformity model, among other details of the aid. Furthermore, this partial resolution of the call increases the budget by 500 million euros, which together with the initial budget
adds up to a total of 1,000 million euros, the purpose of which is to improve the competitiveness and level of digital maturity of companies in this segment.
To request help, companies must first register in the private area of ​​ and complete the digital self-diagnosis test, then consult the available information on digitalization solutions in the catalog and finally, request help at the electronic headquarters of 
For those companies in segment III that have been beneficiaries of the aid from the Segment III Digital Kit Program for an amount of 2,000 euros, and that has not been extinguished due to resignation or any other cause that gave rise to it, they may request the 1,000 additional euros through a declaration of conformity through your file at the Electronic Headquarters.
Whether the entity is a new applicant or is already a beneficiary and wants to request the additional 1,000 euros, the bonus consumption period will be six months from the date of granting.
The aid is non-competitive and will be awarded directly and in order of arrival, once verifications have been made of compliance with the requirements demanded in the call. New category of solution: Secure Workplace Micro-businesses and self-employed workers may acquire one or more
digitalization solutions from those provided in the catalogue: website and internet presence, social network management, electronic commerce; customer management; virtual office services and tools, business intelligence and analytics, process management, electronic invoice, secure communications, and cybersecurity, advanced internet presence, Marketplace and the
new “Secure Workplace” solution
The Secure Workplace  solution includes a hardware device that must be integrated into the product and in the price, a license that meets the requirements established for category privacy of data and documents stored on the device.
This category aims to promote the automation of tasks, efficient data management and fluid communication. The objective is to improve the productivity and competitiveness of this segment in a safe environment. The maximum eligible amount for this solution is 1,000 euros, with eligible laptops or desktop computers along with new monitors, which must meet certain requirements set out in the Base Order.
With the aim of continuing to contribute to micro-businesses and self-employed workers continuing their digital transformation process, the new beneficiary companies that want to formalize Agreements for the Provision of Digitalization Solutions in the Secure Job Category , must have formalized and have validated previously one or more Agreements from any other Solution catalog.
In the case of the Secure Workplace solution, once implemented, and the 12-month period of service provision has completed, the digitizing agent must inform the beneficiary entity of the residual value of the equipment. This value will be a maximum of 15% of the amount of the value of the signed Agreement. If the benefiting company wants to keep
the equipment, after 12 months of service, it must pay that amount.

More than 10,800 digitizing agents

Currently, the catalog of digitizing agents is made up of more than 10,800 affiliated digitizing agents. The membership period will remain open throughout the duration of the Program, so the catalog will be expanded as applications are resolved. Since the modification of the bases was published, the adhered digitizing agents have been able to update their offer of solutions in the Catalog and those who were not can join for the first time, since membership as digitizing agents will be open for the entire duration of the Program.
The digitizing agents are the only ones authorized to sign “digitization solutions provision agreements” with the companies that benefit from the Digital Kit program aid and holders of the digital voucher, and they may collaborate in the aid application process by also being voluntary representatives. , as well as in the control actions that derive from them.
Furthermore, they will be the ones who present all the supporting documentation and who will receive the payment of the digital voucher assigned by the beneficiary, once their justification has been accepted.
More than 388,000 grants awarded
To date, the Digital Kit program has awarded more than 388,000 Program grants in all open calls and throughout the national territory. This means that more than 1.6 billion euros from the Recovery Plan have reached small businesses, micro-businesses and the self-employed in the country to implement basic digitalization solutions. Digital Kit Program

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